There are several well-known cities in Arizona with an abundance of offerings, but it’s small towns that lay claim to hot springs attractions.

The newest option is a luxury resort that opened its doors in 1898, closed in 1975 due to a fire, and re-launched in early 2019. Located in Castle Hot Springs, the property had been a favorite retreat for affluent families and U.S. presidents. Today, there are small soaking pools, a large pool, farm, activities and more.

Arizona’s Salsa Trail runs through Safford, so it’s no surprise that there are more than a dozen Mexican restaurants, a small tortilla factory and chili farm to complement two hot springs facilities two hours northeast of Tucson.

Tonopah is the closest option to a major metropolitan area with a location 40 miles west of Phoenix. This desert hot springs experience is more rustic and features private and public soaking areas and camping.