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Nestled on over 1,100 acres in the Sonoran Desert just north of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, Castle Hot Springs is a haven for relaxation and adventure. An inclusive hotel resort experience with 34 luxury guest rooms, the focal point of this secluded resort is the clear, natural hot springs that produce over 200,000 gallons (757,000 liters) of mineral rich water each day. Emanating from the earth at 115ºF (46°C), the therapeutic odor-free water cascades into three pools of varying temperatures. The natural thermal water is also directed to private guest room soaking tubs and the main pool at The Lodge.

A creative farm operation provides year-round harvests, which are carefully cultivated by the resident ‘Flavor Farmers’ at the property’s Greenhouse. This operation supports a superb culinary team with produce, spices, herbs and even edible flowers. The resort’s restaurant, Harvest, is a gastronomical affair and Bar 1896 showcases true craft cocktails and casual bites. 

The hot springs are reserved exclusively for resort guests and each nights’ stay includes meals plus a variety of daily activities, such as yoga, farm tours, history tours, guided hikes and wellness classes. Promoting a digital detox environment, Castle Hot Springs is the perfect destination for couples, solo travelers or friends, as well as for gatherings and retreats.

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