Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa

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Located in Hot Springs, South Dakota, Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa is a place that nurtures the mind and body through natural mineral springs, touch therapies, movement and food.

Moccasin Springs is a blend of the historical and the modern—where time and geothermal water flow freely among the rocks, ruins and contemporary structures. Original rock walls and stone foundations of the century-plus old historic building have been carefully preserved and repurposed—a stunning metamorphosis that has transformed once indoor rooms into open-air aquatic pools for communal bathing.

First opened in 1890 as the Minnekahta Bathhouse, Moccasin Springs attracted sojourners seeking health and wellness from around the globe. In 2019, the property was revived as a natural mineral spa to once again serve as a heath-focused destination centered on the recuperative waters.

Welcoming guests annually from May through December, the water temperatures in the pools range from 88°F to over 102°F (31°C to 39°C). In addition to soaking, Moccasin Springs features beautifully appointed facilities, at once both luxurious and rustic, where guests can enjoy massage and other spa treatments, a private soaking tub, a sauna and a studio for holding workshops and practicing Yoga and 5 Element Dance.

The resort’s on-site restaurant, The Buffalo Dreamer, specializes in food alchemy with creative, healthy offerings that feature organic choices, including meats and produce procured from local farms whenever possible. Visitors can sleep well atop Bluebird Mesa, where four cozy cabins have 360-degree views of grassy meadows and red rock cliffs.

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