Hot Springs News

  • Sustainable Solutions for the Overuse of Natural Hot Springs


    It’s not a pretty sight—naturally-occurring hot springs over-run with people, trash, human and pet effluent—sadly, it’s a reality in regions with abundant geothermal activity. Thoughtfully managing these areas is essential for public health and the survival of these special places.

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  • How to Make the Most of Your Hot Springs Experience

    Visiting hot springs can be refreshing and calm, or fun and wild. Either way, follow these etiquette tips to get the most out of your geothermal soaking experience.
  • What’s New at Hot Springs Resorts in America

    There is a whole lot of new going on around North America’s hot springs industry. Check out this round-up of both practical and innovative solutions to make the hot springs experience enjoyable and memorable.
  • According to Skift, Hot Springs are Gaining Attention in the United States

    The rise of wellness tourism has brought awareness to the benefits of including healthy eating, yoga, meditation and spa treatments in travel plans. Now the practice of utilizing geothermal waters for their health and healing properties is increasing in the United States as a prominent wellness activity.