With seven hot springs located between Hot Springs and Warm Springs, the area’s fame spread and soon a resort spa was introduced. The first gentlemen’s bath house at Warm Springs was built in 1761. The structure still stands today, making it the oldest spa structure in the U.S.

However, as in most states, Native Americans were the first to discover the magnificent crystal springs hundreds of years ago. The first hotel was built on the site of the hot springs in 1766, and a women’s pool house added in 1836. Thomas Jefferson went a long way in securing the resort’s place in history when he first visited in 1818 to find relief from rheumatism.

Originally called Warm Springs Bathhouses, the pools were renamed Jefferson Pools in 1996 and are currently undergoing repair and renovation, with hopes of reopening in summer 2020. An on-site spa is still available and includes an adults-only natural hot spring spa garden.