While driving the Lake Tahoe Loop, stop at three of Nevada’s four hot springs towns. In south Reno, Native Americans set up winter camps along the hot springs, and with the arrival of pioneers a resort was established in 1857. Today, resort amenities include seven private tub rooms that target each of the seven chakras.

The small town of Genoa is located along the Pony Express Route and features a hot springs resort that dates back to 1862 and has hosted riders and miners, as well as politicians and celebrities. Carson City began tapping its hot springs in the 1880s. Today, there is one large pool and private pool rooms at the resort there, and a hot springs pool at a historic mansion built by mining millionaires.

Off the loop, pull over in Caliente, where a motel has a bath house with private soak rooms and guest rooms with hot springs water in the bathrooms.