Montana has more than 15 hot spring resorts and pools to choose from. Hot Springs and White Sulphur Springs are the only community names that give a shout out to soaking. But the name Paradise isn’t far off, where a lodge, tavern and casino accompany the pools.

Don’t speed by towns like Saco along Montana’s northern tier and Lolo southwest of Missoula, where the hot springs pools are on 125 acres. Anaconda’s hot springs resort offers amenities like tennis, golf and spa, and in Boulder the springs have a 100-year-old historic inn.

The healing waters in Sula are divine in tandem with cabins, lodges and an RV park, while soaking in Polaris comes with the benefit of all sorts of winter fun at nearby Maverick Mountain. One of Montana’s best-known hot springs resorts is in Pray, complete with fine dining. If on-site lodging isn’t a priority, consider Bozeman, Helena and Gardiner.