From the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, the rural Indiana towns of French Lick, Kramer, Martinsville and West Baden became hot spots for people seeking relief from their ailments and relaxation in mineral springs.

French Lick and West Baden still have popular resorts built in the mid-1800’s less than a mile apart but not the large presence of waters for soaking. The resorts competed for customers by offering a setting rivaling the elegance of European spa destinations. Plus, trains ran daily between Chicago and French Lick, making it a socialite destination and a favorite getaway for political party powwows.

Tepid water from the sulfur mineral springs are still utilized in spa treatments like mineral baths, and the tradition of the resorts providing rest, relaxation and rejuvenation continues today. Combine spa time with golf, casino action, afternoon tea, carriage rides and other great options for social and corporate group getaways.

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