Town names often lead hot springs aficionados directly to the sources. In Arkansas, it’s Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.

After the Civil War ended, Hot Springs boomed with bathhouses and hotels as health seekers flocked to town. Dating back to 1832, Hot Springs Reservation became known as Hot Springs National Park in 1921 to protect 47 naturally flowing thermal springs that provide options for soaking and drinking. Bathhouse Row, also owned by the National Park Service, is a collection of eight architecturally significant bathhouses downtown, with two of the structures currently operating as bathhouses offering spa services. A nearby hotel dates back to 1875 and has a thermal bathhouse and spa, as well as mineral water guest rooms.

In Eureka Springs, the 62+ springs that flowed from the hillsides encouraged the town’s establishment in 1879, and a resort community quickly sprung up. One hotel and bathhouse carry on the tradition.