Alaska is world-renowned for natural wonders and stunning scenery, including hot springs that are plentiful from the interior to the southeast. The challenge is access, except for two options near Fairbanks and one in Manley Hot Springs that provide facilities and amenities.

Sixty miles from Fairbanks, the Chena River State Recreation Area is ideal for hiking, canoeing, fishing and watching the northern lights. Two gold miners discovered this area’s hot springs in 1905, and a resort with hot springs and all sorts of activities is another big reason to visit. At another hot springs located 45 miles by air northwest of Fairbanks, cabins and soaking tubs are available in a more rustic setting.

A miner also discovered hot springs in 1902 in what is now the end of the 152-mile long Elliot Highway in Manley Hot Springs. A privately owned greenhouse filled with plants and hot springs baths is available to the public.