Hot Springs Resort and Spa

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Hot Springs is in the Western part of North Carolina nestled between the French Broad River and the ancient Appalachian Mountains. The history and heart of the town flows from the World-Famous Natural Hot Mineral Waters that bubble up from deep within the earth on the 100-acre resort. These natural hot mineral waters have provided relaxation and healing for centuries. Hot Springs Resort and Spa provides private outdoor mineral baths by the session. Featuring jetted tubs built into attractive, private, covered wooden decks with hot natural mineral waters continuously flowing into the bath. After each session, the bath is fully drained, cleaned and sanitized so that every soak is in pure fresh mineral springs water. One can relax in secluded, private outdoor settings along the scenic Spring Creek and French Broad River. Mineral bath appointments are open to the public 7 days a week, 362 days a year and booking in advance is encouraged. The resort also has a variety of accommodations for travelers seeking to relax off the beaten path. Located along the banks of the French Broad River, the Hot Springs Campground is just a short stroll from the Hot Springs Spa and its Natural Mineral Baths. The resort is a favorite stopping point for travelers of all types, from hikers coming off the Appalachian Trail to vacationers and health seekers. Its campground is family friendly and shrouded among trees offering shade, easy access to the French Broad River, and a beautiful setting even on the hottest day. The resort also offers cabins, suites, and vacation rentals for those looking to add more amenities to their Hot Springs experience. The spirit of Hot Springs Resort and Spa is one that welcomes guests of any type and from anywhere to experience their World Famous Natural Hot Mineral Water.