It’s All About the Water at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort


Millions of gallons of water flow through Colorado’s Glenwood Hot Springs Resort into pools, geothermal systems, slides, rides and fountains. Relaxing visitors, giving guests a thrill and heating rooms are some essential roles of water at the famed resort.

The world’s largest hot springs pool occupies pride-of-place in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. With historic buildings, massive geothermal pools, a 107-room lodge, an innovative aquatic play area, as well as a retail boutique, athletic club and a casual dining restaurant, Glenwood Hot Springs is a resort in every sense of the word. However, even as the property has evolved over more than a century, it’s the water that continues to be the main attraction.

The Pools

The prolific Yampah source spring flows at a rate of 3.5 million gallons of water per day, filling the resort’s pools with geothermal, mineral-rich water. The warmer therapy pool is 104°F (40°C), ideal for mind-body relaxation. The larger, cooler pool, is a comfortable 93°F (34°C) and is perfect for playing, splashing and swimming laps. Unlike other hot springs where movement is limited due to size, visitors to Glenwood Hot Springs can easily move about in an area that’s longer than a football field—all while immersed in the water! For those willing to brave the salty flavor, a historic drinking spring—channeled directly from the geothermal source—is touted to cure all manner of ailments.

The Sopris Splash Zone

Fresh-water aquatic attractions dedicated to family fun can be found at the west end of the resort. The Sopris Splash Zone features Shoshone Chutes, an exhilarating, fast-moving adventure river ride that mimics a Colorado whitewater rafting experience. Other play areas are designed to engage the resort’s youngest guests and their parents. Features include gentle cascading waterfalls, zero-entry pools, three small slides and the Grand Fountain—a kid-friendly splash pad by day and a colorful show-stopping fountain after hours.

The Lodge

The geothermal water also plays a crucial role behind the scenes at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge. For nearly half a century, long before terms like corporate social responsibility or carbon footprint became buzzwords, the Lodge has been harnessing the power of geothermal energy to conserve precious natural resources by using the hot water to heat rooms, warm domestic water supplies and melt ice and snow in winter.

It’s all about the water at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. Learn more and make plans to visit today!

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