Iron Mountain Hot Springs: The Goldilocks of Thermal Springs


Situated on a terraced hillside along the river in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the 16 geothermal soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs give guests an opportunity to sample and discover their perfect soaking experience.

Located in a town famous for its geothermal amenities, Iron Mountain Hot Springs has made a name for itself as a place where visitors can immerse themselves in multiple hot springs soaking experiences at a single, beautiful location. Guests are encouraged to try all the pools, which fluctuate in temperature from 98°F (37°C) to 108°F (42°C) to find their personal favorites—the one that’s “just right.”

So many choices

The 16 soaking pools are arranged on a gentle slope that faces the Colorado River. No two pools are the same; each is organically shaped and named after a precious or semi-precious stone—Diamond, Amber, Turquoise and so forth. Some of the pools have their own special features that further add to their appeal. Lapis and Topaz, two pools close to the river, have pebble bottoms which stimulate pressure points on the feet for a gentle DIY acupressure massage. Ruby is heart-shaped and a favorite with couples. A cascading waterfall is a highlight in Moonstone, while Garnet features a dramatic infinity edge that melds with the river. A concrete pathway, heated in winter, connects the soaking pools. Next to each of them are hand-crafted wrought iron trees; the sculptures add a modern rustic charm and provide a convenient place to hang a towel or toss a robe while soaking. Loungers and chairs are arranged nearby and are free to use. In summer, large umbrellas provide shade for bathers.

Water, pure and natural

Though the property has historically been used as a hot spring wellness center since 1896, Iron Mountain Hot Springs in its current iteration opened in 2015. During the designing phase, a tremendous effort was placed on providing guests with the highest quality soaking experience available. Pools at Iron Mountain are not flow-through—where water from one pool flows into another pool; rather, each was designed with its own, separate water supply, ensuring that the thermal soaking pools are always at their purest. Additionally, because of their smaller size and the water’s high turn-over rate, the soaking pools are also chlorine- and chemical-free. Visitors to Iron Mountain Hot Springs can relax in 100 percent pure hot springs water, just as Mother Nature intended.

Comfort all around

With every amenity just-right, Goldilocks would be pleased. In addition to the soaking pools, Iron Mountain Hot Springs also features a large, freshwater family pool maintained at a comfortable 92°F (33°C); it’s ideal for all ages. An attached elevated jetted spa provides yet another opportunity to relax. Other thoughtful amenities include a modern bathhouse with changing rooms stocked with complimentary shower products, the use of free lockers, water bottle-filling stations and a casual dining restaurant that serves food and drinks. 

Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate. Learn more about Iron Mountain Hot Springs today!

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