Healing at the Heart of Steamboat Hot Springs


Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center and Spa in Reno, Nevada combines longstanding geothermal traditions with leading-edge wellness therapies.

Steamboat Hot Springs has a storied past. A quick turn of the history pages reveals that Mark Twain named this spot the “Steamboat of the Desert.” President Ulysses S. Grant visited during the silver mining boom days, boxer Jack Dempsey recuperated in the healing waters, as did famed champion racehorse Man O War! Steamboat Hot Springs was home to a hospital and a grand hotel; two of its early owners were healers—one specializing in hydrotherapy, the other a female naturopath.

Feel-Good Hot Springs

The volcanic hot springs reach the surface between 220 – 230°F (104 – 110°C). Steamboat Hot Springs does not add municipal water to reduce the water temperature; rather, it allows the water to cool naturally. Only pure mineral spring water flows from both hot and cold taps on the private soaking tubs. The water itself is rich in an abundance of dissolved minerals and is especially high in silica, which leaves skin feeling naturally smooth and silky.

Guests can enjoy spa services as well as the mineral benefits of the water in seven private rooms with soaking tubs that can accommodate two people comfortably. Each room features a stained-glass window and is illuminated in colors that correspond with the seven primary chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Guests can request the color that targets the area of the body that needs healing attention.

Other geothermal amenities include an outdoor soaking tub and steam room. In the future, the resort will be expanding, adding more chemical-free soaking options for guests to enjoy.

Treatments that Combine Science and Spa

Sonatherapy is an innovative treatment developed specifically for clients at Steamboat Hot Springs. The practice is non-invasive, combining sound, light, color and water for powerful healing results. Sonatherapy has been effective for ailments including bone, muscle and joint health, alleviating chronic pain, circulatory problems, digestive disorders, arthritis and more.

Other leading-edge wellness options are also available. Steamboat Hot Springs provides much needed supportive, medically approved therapies for cancer patients and survivors. Treatments can include a cancer care consultation, mineral soak, restorative yoga session and therapeutic massage. Ayurveda therapies are yet another specialty. This ancient healing practice originated from India and aims to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle through nutrition, herbal remedies, cleanses, massage therapies, meditation and yoga.

Just as important as addressing specific health issues is the periodic purging of accumulated toxins from the body. Because of its effectiveness, mud treatments are among the most sought-after spa packages at Steamboat Hot Springs. Removing toxins from the body can lead to clear skin, the reduction of inches and weight loss, as well heightened sense of wellbeing.

While much has changed over the years, the name bestowed by Mark Twain and healing nature of Steamboat Hot Springs have endured.

Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa—Nevada’s most serene natural hot springs. Learn more today!

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