Castle Hot Springs: An Arizona Hot Springs Legacy


Located in the rugged mountains north of Phoenix, Castle Hot Springs is an oasis in the desert Southwest—after more than a 40-year hiatus, the hot springs resort returns to its deeply planted luxury wellness roots.

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona’s first wellness resort established in 1896, is once again welcoming guests to experience hot springs healing amid luxury hospitality. The historic resort, which once hosted such famous names as the Vanderbilts, Roosevelts and Wrigleys, reopened in October 2019 after a decades-long pause that resulted from a devastating fire in 1976. In 2014, new owners purchased Castle Hot Springs and brought it back to life—re-establishing its reputation as a premier destination for global health and wellness seekers.

Hot Springs Haven

The visually spectacular thermal hot springs are the core of the property, pouring forth from the earth at 115°F (46°C). Mineral-rich water flows down sheer cliffs into a large natural pool, approximately 105°F (40.5°C). It cascades into a second pool cooling to about 90°F (32°C). The flow becomes a stream leading to a swimming pool of about 86°F (30°C)—a range of temperatures ideal for the Arizona climate. The waters are uniquely crystal-clear and odorless, containing an abundance of health-boosting minerals including trace amounts of lithium, known to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. In addition to the pools, guests also have the option of hot springs soaking in the privacy of their room or in the secluded outdoor setting of the Spring Bungalows.

Awaken the Senses

To promote a thoroughly tranquil experience, Castle Hot Springs is an inclusive, adults-only resort; rates include lodging, hot springs, meals, activities, tips and gratuities. Only alcoholic beverages, individualized wellness spa services and adventure excursions are not included. At its maximum, Castle Hot Springs can accommodate up to 64 guests. Far from a constraint, the capacity enables the resort to focus on service excellence.

Overnight guests have access to world-class, guest-centered dining at Harvest, the resort’s farm-focused and ingredient-driven restaurant, as well as Bar 1896 where craft cocktails showcase hand-selected crops. Fresh ingredients are cultivated at “The Farm,” a large experimental garden where more than 150 varieties of fruits and vegetables native to the desert, including over 30 types of heirloom tomatoes, are grown. Guests can partake in the daily forage and learn about the art of “flavor-farming” used in meal planning and preparation at Castle Hot Springs.

Embrace a Spirit of Adventure

Alongside a forward-thinking sustainably-led culinary program, wellness lovers can indulge in a multitude of activities such as meditation sessions, Tai Chi and Qigong, pickle and bocce ball, archery, star gazing, invigorating hikes and e-bike rides in the Sonoran Desert and Bradshaw Mountains. Though WiFi is available, Castle Hot Springs challenges guests to power down with a digital detox during their stay to further enhance connection with the rhythms of nature.

Your inclusive experience awaits, learn more about Castle Hot Springs today.

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